JUST FRESH opened its first café in 1993 with a set of firmly held beliefs that we continue to hold today.

WE BELIEVE in not just eating better, but eating better to live better. We know first-hand the remarkably positive influence a fresher, more nutritional diet can have on physical health and overall wellness. Our goal has always been to make these life-affirming benefits available to as many people as possible.

WE BELIEVE our customers are busy people with lives that are often hectic. They are people who demand convenience but still want to eat well and feel better. We’re not a health food store, nor do we subscribe to fad diets and misinformation that has turned the notion of maintaining a healthy diet into a confusing and impractical chore.

WE WANT to be a resource for people with a hunger for something more real – in their diet and in their lives. We are a friendly and vitalizing place where they can enjoy a variety of fresh, wholesome and nutritionally balanced foods made from premium ingredients – real food they can enjoy every day, food that becomes the fuel for healthy and productive living.

WE BELIEVE in building community in every way possible. We began as a hometown business in Charlotte, NC and that philosophy will remain as we grow. Each Just Fresh location is grounded in its local community and is committed to supporting area organizations. This extends to our employees. We are committed to each other in our jobs as well as in life. We want to be a home for people from all walks of life who share our philosophy and are committed to promoting the Just Fresh culture.

JUST FRESH aims to be more than a place where people come for good food. We want to be a place that inspires variety, possibility and human potential the moment our customers walk through the door.

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